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Hunter Ligget Military Reservation

Another Back Road

This is another of the many back roads on FHL.
This one went from Nacimental Fergenson Rd. to
Del Venturi Rd. It wound through some small
rolling hills and the Nacimental Valley.

Nacimental Fergenson Rd. and Del Venturi Rd.
went from Mission Rd. on FHL to Pacific Hwy. 1
15-17 miles of it were on FHL.

Nacimental Fergenson Rd. was the only one with
a bridge over the San Antonio River. Del Venturi
Rd. had a ford to cross. There was a ford also
along side the Bridge on Nacimental Fergenson Rd.
you could cross. During the spring and summer,
the Fords were closed because of the rapid current
of the San Antonio River caused by the melting
snow from the mountains.