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54th M.P. Detachment
Ft. Hunter Liggett, Ca

Pvt2 Dudsiznsky

Ole Dud is trying to out-draw Clint Eastwood
We took turns at running the desk which includes
the arms locker. If you were on Desk, you were
responsible for issuing the MP's their weapons and
3 clips of ammo and making sure the weapon and ammo
were logged out and accounted for. You even had to
do an inventory after the weapons and ammo were issued
and heaven help if a round or a weapon turned up short.
Just about all the time it was a mathamatical error and
if a weapon is lost or misplaced, no one went to the
barracks until it is found or accounted for.

The Desk also dispatched units to complaints and took
calls. A pretty boring job on the graveyard shift.

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