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54th M.P. Detachment
Ft. Hunter Liggett, Ca

LC McLaughlin USMC and SP4 Haglund U.S. Army
using our .45cal to make the M.P. Symbol

I know, the Marines and Army, well this was when the USMC and
the Army among others were on joint exercises. The Marine MP's
worked with us during the time they were there.

Lance Corporal McLaughlin was a big fella, good to have around when
a fight broke out. We worked together for the times he was on
our shift.

Before the Marine MP's left, they made a sign for us and we posted
it in the entrance to our M.P. Station. Shown below.

This is the front of the sign, it has our unit
name and under the GI busting out, it says
Mountainmen Detachment {hence the name of this site}

The back of the sign read:
Be afraid of no man,
No matter his size,
When danger threatens,
Call on Me, I will

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