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United States Army Military Police Units and Installation Links

Hunter Liggett Military Reservation
Fort Leonard Wood, MS USAMPS


          U.S. Army Military Police Units And Posts

Fort Belvoir, VA
212 MP Det (L&O)
75th MP Det (CID)
521st MP Det (CID)

Fort Benning, GA

988th MP CS Co

71st MP Det (L&O)

209th MP Det (L&O)

HQ Battalion (CID)

86th MP Det (CID)

Fort Bliss, TX

978th MP CS Co

16th MP D (L&O)

72nd MP Det (L&O)

76th MP Det (CID)

Fort Bragg, NC

82nd Airborne Div

16th MP Bde (ABN)

503rd MP Bn (ABN)

21st MP CS Co (ABN)

65th MP Co (ABN)


118th MP CS Co (ABN)

42nd MP Det (L&O)

10th MP Bn (CID)

87th MP Det (CID)

Fort Campbell, KY

101st AASLT Div

716th MP Bn

101st MP Co (AASLT)

194th MP CS Co

551st MP CS Co

163rd MP Det (L&O)

31st MP Det (CID)

Fort Carson, CO

4th Infantry Div

4th MP Co (Force XXI)

759th MP Battalion

59th MP CS Co

984th MP CS Co

148th MP Det (L&O)

48th MP Det (CID)

Fort Detrick, MD


<>US Army Security Force

Fort Drum, NY

10th MP Bn (Prov)

10th MP Co (LID)

511th MP CS Co

177th MP Det (L&O)

62 MP Det (CID)

10th MP Bn (Prov)

Fort Eustis, VA

202nd MP Guard Co

221st MP Det (L&O)

12th MP Det (CID)

Fort Gillem, GA

3rd MP Grp (CID)

Fort Gordon, GA

35th MP Det (L&O)

Fort Hamilton, NY

152nd MP Platoon

Fort Hood, TX

4th IN Div

4th MP Co (Force XXI)

1st CAV Div

545th MP Co (Force XXI)

89th MP Bde

720th MP Bn

64th MP CS Co

401st MP CS Co

410th MP CS Co

411th MP CS Co

LEA MP Det (L&O)

178th MP Det (L&O)

11th MP Bn (CID)

38th MP Det (CID)

43rd MP Det (CID)

Fort Huachuca, AZ

18th MP Det (L&O)

Fort Irwin, CA


Fort Jackson, SC

17th MP Det (L&O)

37th MP Det (CID)

Fort Knox, KY


34th MP Det (L&O)


280th MP Det (CID)

Fort Leavenworth, KS

U.S. Disciplinary Barracks

705th Mp Bn (I/R)


HHD 705th

256th MP Co (I/R)

291st MP Co (I/R)

526th MP Co (I/R)

500th MP Det (L&O)

Fort Lee, VA


217th MP Det (L&O)


 Fort Leonard Wood, MO


Law Enf Cmd (LEC)


463rd MP CS Co

252nd MP Det (L&O)


78th MP DET (CID)

Fort Lewis, WA

504th MP Bn

66th MP CS Co

170th MP CS Co

571st MP CS Co

6th MP Gp (CID)

19th MP Bn (CID)

22nd MP Bn (CID)

44th MP Det (CID)

42nd MP Bde

704th MP Bn

51st MP Det (L&O)

Fort McPherson, GA


525th MP Co


Fort Meade, MD


241st MP Det (L&O)

Fort Monroe, VA

233rd MP Det (L&O)

Fort Myer, VA

289th MP Plt (Old Guard)

## MP Bn (CID)

Fort Polk, LA

519th MP Bn

204th MP CS Co

209th MP CS Co

258th MP CS Co

91st MP Det (L&O)

Fort Richardson, AK


Arctic MP Bn


164th MP CS Co

Fort Riley, KS

300th MP CS Co

977th MP CS Co

523rd MP Det (L&O)

78th MP Det (CID)

1001st MP Bn (CID)

924th MP Bn

Fort Rucker, AL

6th MP Det (L&O)

Schofield Barracks, HI

25th LT IN Div

25th MP Co (LID)

58th MP CS Co

13th MP Det (L&O)

102nd MP Det (CID)

Fort Shafter, HI

39th MP Det (L&O)

Fort Sill, OK

40th MP Det

Fort Stewart, GA
Hunter Army Airfield

3rd MP Bn (P)

293rd MP Co

549th MP Co

3rd MP Co

179th MP Det

30th MP Det (CID)

Fort Wainwright, AK

28th MP Det (L&O)

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


HHD, 525th MP Bn


189th MP Co


193rd MP Co



U.S. Army Japan

MP Battalion

88th MP Bn


2nd IN Division

2nd MP Co (Hvy Div)


8th MP Bde

19th MP Bn (CID)

94th MP Bn

55th MP CS Co

57th MP CS Co

142nd MP CS Co

728th MP Bn

188th MP CS Co

21st MP DET (CID)

20th MP DET (CID)

Vicenza, Italy

13th MP CS Co


1st IN Div

1st MP Co (Hvy Div)

1st AR Div

501st MP Co (Hvy Div)

V Corps

18th MP Bde

709th MP Bn

793rd MP Bn

92nd MP CS Co

127th MP CS Co

527th MP CS Co

212th MP CS Co

615th MP CS Co

630th MP CS Co

21st Support Cmd

95th MP Bn

230th MP CS Co

272nd MP CS Co

529th MP CS Co

554th MP CS Co

560th MP Co (Escort Guard)

9th MP Det (Confinement)

5th MP Bn


202nd MP Gp (CID)

521st MP Det (CID)

262nd MP Det (CID)

286th MP Det (CID)

481st MP Det (CID)

515th MP Det (CID)

Retired Units
These are Units that I know are Retired.  If there are more, and I am sure there are, Please send me
an email to:Big J
and I will post them on this page.

Camp Roberts, CA {closed}
54th MP Det.

Fort Ord, CA {closed}
7th Infantry Div.
7th MP Co
54th MP Co

Hunter Liggett Military Reservation
54th MP Det.

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