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All Graphics other than that taken from Doc's Military Graphics, were taken from various websites that allowed art to be used or from animation/gif factories from the internet. Feel free to use any of the art found on my site, but do not link them to my site. If any art on this site presents a copyright problem please email me at the address below and I will remove the art from the site or give proper credit

Thanks to Doc's Patriotic Graphics.
This site has the best Veteran's/Military Graphics on the Web. has the most in scripts, menu, effects, navigation,
document effects, etc.  Great site to use in Website design is a great site to make flash buttons for your site.

Thanks to Doug Kidd for some of the Backgrounds and Graphics used on this Site.

Operation Just Cause

Some Graphics and Midis were used from OJC.
My POW page was with graphics from OJC.

About the Owner of this Site

John Haglund Veteran US Army Military Police Corps.
I served in the US Army Military Police Corp from July 1979 to July 1982, Basic Training and MP School was with Co C 10th MP BN, Ft McClellan, AL. I was then Stationed with the 54th MP Co at Ft. Ord, CA then dettached to the 54th MP Det at Ft. Hunter Liggett, CA which was a complex of Ft. Ord. Ft. Ord is presently deactivated, but Ft.Hunter Liggett is now a US Army Reserve Training Post. The MP's no longer patrol FHL, Police duties were assigned to the Federal Police. I originally designed the cite as a tribute to my units, the 54th MP Det, and Co C 10th MP BN, and Since I feel that all veterans, especially our Vietnam Veterans, deserve all the recognition they can get and rightfully deserve, I expaned my site to cover Vietnam and all Veterans. I hope you enjoy the site, it is my way of honoring our veterans and saying THANK YOU, and Love Ya.
John W. Haglund